AZVC is closed effective IMMEDIATELY

September 19, 2015

Dear AZVC coaches, players and parents,

 The past 10 years have been filled with amazing memories of friendship, hard work and building lasting relationships.  Over the years my family and I have created lifelong friends with many of you and we are forever grateful for the experiences we have shared together.   I am very proud of the company that I have built and that we have not only competed in the club volleyball arena in Arizona, but we have thrived.  As a small business owner we have given thousands of dollars away in scholarships for athletes to participate in our program.  We have contributed to many wonderful causes helping those with severe medical diagnosis and tragedies.  AZVC has donated equipment to several school volleyball programs and assisted them in building strong programs to influence the athletes in their areas improve and accomplish their goals.  AZVC has assisted over 20 athletes in receiving college scholarships.  We have impacted many athletes and influenced them to follow their dreams. 

It has been an honor to lead AZVC and while the sacrifice for my family was great, it was one I did with joy.  However the time has come for me to focus on the important things in my life, my husband and my children.  It is time for me to spend my hours with my children instead of other people’s children.  While I love coaching very much, I have missed so much of my own children’s activities for the good of AZVC.  At this time the good of AZVC does not outweigh the good of my family and so I chose them.

 AZVC is closing its doors effective immediately.  Since AZVC has always been committed to our athletes and families, we wanted to let you know before club open gyms begin to give you time to find another good fit for your family.  We wish every one of you success in your future and hope that the friendships we have made can continue outside of the volleyball gym.  Please refer to the AZ Region website for other clubs in your area .

Please respect our families privacy and if you have questions please contact Rachael or Derek directly, not our children.

Farewell and Best Wishes,

Rachael Thompson

Former Club Director/coach

Arizona Volleyball Club